Manage Your Forests 

Landowner Assistance

Technical information such as land examinations, forest management plans, timber markets, disease and insect control is available free of charge. AFC foresters also offer fee-based services such as fire lane constructions, prescribed burning and timber marking. To receive help managing your forest land, contact the AFC office in the county where your land is located. More Info >

Timber Taxes

Revenue from timber sales is taxable. Here are some links to web pages that can help you with your yearly taxes.
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Posting Real Property

Real Property may be posted using signs or purple posting paint. More Info >

How to Sell Your Timber

Useful information about topics such as timber pricing, working with contractors, record-keeping, land management and reducing timber theft. More Info >

Forest Health

Insects and diseases are always present in the state's forestland. Under normal conditions these insects and diseases only affect a few trees. When conditions are not normal the insects and/or diseases can build up and cause widespread damage to the forest.

This section contains information about specific insects and diseases and what may or may not be done to control the insects or diseases.

Most recently, the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), an Asian beetle that destroys ash trees, has been discovered in Arkansas. See a full page, here, dedicated to details surrounding EAB and the ash quarantine enacted by the Arkansas State Plant Board on September 11, 2014.

AFC foresters and rangers provide technical assistance in the prevention, detection, evaluation, and suppression of forest insects and diseases. More Info >

Forest Management Incentives

Landowners may apply for cost-share assistance in managing their forestland. The cost share assistance is through federal programs. Landowners may sign up for the programs at the Natural Resource Conservation Service or the Farm Services Agency offices. Cost-share programs include the Conservation Reserve Program, and the Wildlife Habitat Improvement Program. Click here to see a comparison of all the cost-share programs or click on the title for a general description of each program. More Info >

Forest Stewardship

The Forest Stewardship Program recognizes and rewards landowners that are managing their forestlands according to a multiple-use concept. Landowners have access to resource professionals to assist them in obtaining a written forest management plan addressing multiple-use management.
Application is available for electronic submission. More Info >

Forest Legacy

The Forest Legacy Program (FLP) uses conservation easements and fee-simple acquisitions to protect environmentally important privately-owned forest areas that are threatened by conversion to non-forest uses. More Info >

Smoke Management Guidelines

The purposes of the Arkansas Smoke Management Program (SMP) are to assure adherence to air quality regulations and to manage smoke from prescribed fire so that the smoke’s impact on people and the environment will be acceptable.

Best Management Practice (BMP) Guidelines

The term "BMP guidelines" is used to refer to a set, or sets, of techniques which managers can use to control nonpoint sources of pollution at a given site. More Info >

Forest Inventory and Analysis

The Arkansas Forestry Commission in cooperation with the USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station is responsible for collecting scientific data from permanently established plots located all over the state. The plots, each representing 5,937 acres, are strategically located on a three-mile by three-mile grid. Natural resource managers use the data to make management decisions.

The inventory plots have been generating data since they were established in the 1950’s.The forest survey allows foresters to follow Arkansas’ natural resource trends through time.

Prescribed Fire

Prescribed fire is the use of fire in a controlled application to accomplish a specific conservation or land management objective. Fire in Arkansas is part of the forest ecology. Prescribed fire simulates this natural fire cycle.

To learn more about prescribed fire in Arkansas, visit

Consulting/LAP Foresters

Features a directory of consulting and LAP foresters for Arkansas landowners.  Find competent, professional advice and assistance in the management and marketing of forest resources from this resource. More Info >

Forestry Service Providers

A comprehensive list of companies and individuals providing services to landowners such as tree planting, seeding, herbicide application, chain saw work, boundary line painting, beaver control and more. More Info >

Forest Industry Directory

The wood using industry is a vital link between consumer demands for forest products and the timber resource. It is an important component of the State’s economy and a major influence on both the management of Arkansas; forest resource and the maintenance of environmental quality.
The Forest Industry Directory is an aid for buyers and sellers of forest products, others interested in doing business with these industries, and contributes to better utilization and marketing of the forest resource. More Info >

Who Will Buy My Timber

The Forestry Commission has developed a list of companies and individuals throughout Arkansas who buy timber. The guide lists names and addresses, where they buy timber, what kind of timber they buy, and what kind of equipment they use.

Filling in a few blanks on the search page will provide you with names and address of prospective timber buyers.
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Heir Property Act Info

The Heir Property Act balances the rights of family members who want to retain their land with the rights of family members who want to sell. This takes effect in Arkansas in January, 2016.
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Related Forest Management Links

Many other agencies, Universities, industries, and associations provide information relating to forest management. The sites listed here are representative of sites that provide information dealing with managing the forest resource.
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