Forest Health Overview 

The Arkansas Forestry Commission employs qualified personnel who provide technical assistance to landowners faced with insect and disease concerns. We encourage landowners and timberland managers who encounter forest health issues to contact your local forester or the forest health specialist in Little Rock.

Arkansas Forest Health Personnel 

Arkansas’s forests are periodically affected by damaging pests. AFC aims to maintain healthy, productive forest ecosystems by preventing, detecting, and suppressing damaging insects and diseases across all land ownerships. It is our goal to inform the public of potential forest health concerns and to notify stakeholders when their forest resource may be under risk.



Forest Health Highlights & Invasive Pests

Please use the links below to navigate to more information about recent forest health concerns highlighted in 2014 and 2015 and emerging invasive pests.

2015 Arkansas Forest Highlights
2014 Arkansas Forest Highlights

Arkansas Invasive Pests


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